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What the Children of the World’s Most Beautiful Women Look Like

  Some people believe that exceptionally attractive individuals, such as supermodels, beauty queens, or Hollywood actresses, don’t pass on their traits to their children. However, we have clear photographic evidence that demonstrates nature has done an excellent job with some famous people’s offspring. While not all of these children bear an exact resemblance to their beautiful mothers, we cannot deny ...

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Hollywood’s Longest-Lasting Couples Share Their Relationship Secrets

  Living under the spotlight can have its benefits, but it can also be a burden, especially when it comes to romance and marriage. Lack of privacy and constant attention can put a strain on any relationship, but some celebrity couples seem to have learned how to overcome the pressure and make their marriages last for decades. What’s more, they ...

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10 Hollywood Couples With the Biggest Age Gap

Julianne Moore and Bart Freundlich Stunning redheaded actress Julianne Moore met her husband Bart Freundlich on the set of “The Myth of Fingerprints” in 1996. Despite their ten year age difference (she’s older) they’ve managed to stay together for nearly two decades now. They welcomed their first child, son Caleb, into the world in 1997, and daughter Liv in 2002. ...

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