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Celebrities Who Have Tattoos On Unusual Parts Of Their Body

  When it comes to tattoos, the first thing that comes to mind is arm tattoos. It is followed by back and leg tattoos. Tattoo is an art that knows no borders. It can be done on many different parts of the body. So you don’t have to follow the classic choices like arms, legs or back! We have researched ...

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Take a look at the Human Barbie!

Before Angelica was born, her mother Natalia was already obsessed with beauty. When she saw how lovely her daughter was, it gave her every reason to embrace and celebrate it.

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Exhibition explores the future of body modification

Body modification has become increasingly normalized in western society over the past few years. Pink hair, pierced noses and tattoos were once a symbol of teenage rebellion, but in 2018 modifying our appearance has become an accepted, and often celebrated extension of ourselves. So what next?

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