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Celebrities Who Were Addicted

Angelina Jolie used to suffer from anorexia and depression. However, by the time she got the lead role in the Lara Croft movie, Angie was already ā€¯clean.” After starring in this film, the actress became world famous, adopted a child, began her romance with Brad Pitt, and adopted another child. Angelina succeeded in defeating her addiction by surrounding herself with ...

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Addiction; A True Story of an Iranian Artist

Parastoo Salehi is a famous Iranian actress. After being interrogated twice for her social media publications, Iranian actress Parastoo Salehi says that Iranian security forces are barring her from making public appearances.

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Get acquainted with the 10 obvious signs of shopping addiction

Even small purchases like a new lipstick (while you have the same lipstick in the same color) or greetings cards (while you have a country full of these cards) can be signs of addiction if they are constantly done. To buy. Because such purchases, though small, but unnecessary, indicate an inability to control spending.

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