Some of The World’s Coolest Jobs

Everyone grows up wishing to nail a certain profession when they grow up. After you clear your studies, life introduces you to the harsh reality getting yourself a job. It’s a scavenger hunt and many end up disappointed and settling for less. But there are some people out there who landed pretty cool jobs. Jobs you could do anything just to get them… Jobs that make every day seem like a holiday… Let’s see what jobs are they :

Professional Sleeper

professional sleeping Does getting out of your bed in the morning feel like walking in a room full on molasses? Does your bed somehow become magnetic in the morning? Most answers would be yes. People love sleeping and the alarm clocks at times bear the brunt by being slapped like a million times for the snooze. But did you know that you can make a career out of sleeping? Yep, there are people who get paid for sleeping. Professional sleepers usually get paid by universities, for their studies on sleep and dream (sleep survey). Bed makers also employ these professional sleepers, who get to sleep on the new beds and give their opinion on the comfort- ability of the beds. So don’t torture yourself holding back that monstrous sleep inside of you. Go ahead and turn it to a profitable career.