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Rehab means a course of treatment for drug or alcohol dependence, typically at a residential facility.Crystal meth addiction is difficult to kick because it stimulates the reward centers of the brain. rehab2 Once away from the drug, patients can experience extreme depression.Ice is a purified form of methamphetamine. Much of the ice in the US and Australia come from larger scale methamphetamine labs such as those in Mexico. Most small-scale methamphetamine cooks are currently using the “shake and bake” method of manufacturing powder meth, which is not as pure and is not formed into the crystals that constitute ice.Ice is present across the United States, the UK, Thailand and in Australia. Because the meth is purer in this form, it can be smoked. Powder meth can be ingested or dissolved and injected. Ice will look like shards of glass, either clear or dirty-looking. The person who has been abusing ice may leave small glass pipes around or small plastic bags that contained the crystals.Ice is a strong stimulant. The user is likely to manifest euphoria, excitement and a sense of well-being that can last from an hour to a full day, and they will seem alert and confident. Their energy will be high and can last as long as the ice supplies last But they are likely to also have high blood pressure and sleeping problems. The ice user will be inclined to skip meals for as long as they are high from the meth and so will lose weight. When the ice wears off, they are likely to feel depressed and anxious.