9 Murals that Paint a very different picture of life inside Iran

It takes a great artist to change a largely skewed view of what most perceive to be what Iranian’s think and feel. Social and economic oppression tend to be what first come to mind, Mehdi Ghadyanloo‘s street art uses a decidedly different approach when presenting Iran’s narrative. Tehran’s architecture has hints of Persian design, interspersed with modern urban apartments. You can also come across rows of murals depicting political and religious figures, the streets don’t often reflect the burgeoning class of young liberal intellectuals. Ghadyanloo takes a more nuanced approach to dense messages and prefers a playful abstraction when creating his work, this takes the form of towering and vibrant scenes which sprawl over a wonderful mix of facades around the city.   1 “Cloud” ….. Sometimes a life of one thing is totally dependent on the performance of the other.