Human Bodies Art with Cecelia Webber

gol Cecelia Webber uses the human body to construct intricate tessellations that represent the natural world. Her art implicates the viewer in its form, evoking our complex relationship with our bodies and nature. Her art has been featured around the world.Born in a small town, Cecelia spent much of her childhood outdoors. Her deep appreciation for nature, along with her scientific background, give her a deep awareness of organic forms that she draws upon to concoct pieces bearing a unique interplay between colors, shapes, and models’ bodies.In early 2010, Cecelia’s Flowers Series opened on exhibition at Renown Institute’s Healing Arts exhibit in Reno, Nevada. In 2011, she premiered her Butterflies Series at Barneys NYC. In 2012, she was the guest of honor at the Museo Civico (Natural History Museum) of Verona, Italy for Infinitamente, a science and art festival coordinated by Verona University and the City of Verona, unveiling her Birds.