Celebrities Who Have Successfully Battled Addiction

David Hasselhoff

David Hasselhoff started his acting career as early as 1973 playing an extra in The Dean Martin Show, but didn’t become famous until 1982 for his role of Michael Knight in the TV series Knight Rider. Of course, you probably know him for his role in Baywatch or as the former judge of America’s Got Talent. Currently, the actor is clean and sober and continues his successful acting career, but in the mid 2000’s, he had to deal with alcohol and drug abuse, which got him hospitalized multiple times, ruined his image and ended up costing him his marriage. Struggling with a litany of problems, Hasselhoff managed to pick himself up, got his anxiety under control and became clean and sober in 2009. “I am sober today. I’ll probably be sober tomorrow,” he shared with the press and now over 6 years after, he holds his head high, having successfully battled alcoholism and drug abuse