Inventor Creates High Voltage Ejector Bed

Colin Furze, the mad engineer who created a brilliant set of retractable working Wolverine claws, has come up with a new invention that is equal parts brilliant and insane. When it’s time to wake up, his High Voltage Ejector Bed won’t take no (or “5 more minutes”) for an answer – it will literally throw you out of bed to ...

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The world’s smallest revolver and rim fire ammunition

This miniature double action revolver is the world’s smallest firearm that has all features same as a regular gun, of which the total length doesn’t exceed 5.5 cm. Swiss Mini Gun shoots 2.34 mm calibre rim fire ammunition which is the world’s smallest rim fire ammunition. The C1ST has been recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the ...

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Toyota i-Road, a first look

In 2013, after the i-Road made an auspicious debut at the Geneva motor show, we called it the year’s most fascinating city car, and we’ve followed its journey toward production ever since, including a 20-car test program on the streets of Tokyo and an unlikely car-sharing scheme in Grenoble, France. So when an i-Road – wearing a shimmering paint job ...

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