10 “Brain Foods” That May Help Preserve Your Memory

Nuts such as walnuts, almonds, and peanuts, as well as sunflower and pumpkin seeds, are brain foods high in protein and omega fatty acids. Protein is the second largest matter in the brain, second only to water, so it is important to nourish your brain with protein rich foods. Proteins help neurons within the brain communicate with each other through ...

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Unlocking the Ozempic Enigma: Celebrities’ Secret to Weight Loss Revealed!

Ozempic, approved in 2017 for treating type 2 diabetes, has a higher weight-loss dose called Wegovy, sanctioned in 2021. Both contain semaglutide, requiring weekly injections. They boost the appetite-suppressing hormone GLP-1 to regulate blood sugar. Despite FDA approval for diabetes, Ozempic is prescribed off-label for weight loss, often not covered by insurance. The off-label use faces challenges, as insurers might ...

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