Celebrity Wives in the past and Now

After 25 years of marriage and against all Hollywood odds, Warren Beatty and Annette Bening are still going strong. The couple share four children and are still hitting the red carpets looking more beautiful and happier than ever. One of their children, Stephen, is a transgender and a very honest activist for the community. Stephen, who was once Kathlyn before ...

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The world’s most valuable house in Tehran

Moghadam house in Tehran is one of the luxury homes which belongs to Qajar era. The house belonging to Mohammed Taqi Khan, who was the mayor in Naser Al-Din Shah Qajar period. Moghaddam was among the first Iranian archaeologists who worked with professors of archeology in historical sites. ”Arthur Upham Pope” American Iran-expert historian, In an article In the 50s and 60s, introduce this ...

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Weird Clip from Shajarian,Kalhor,Vosoughi and Kiarostami

Kayhan Kalhor , also Romanized as Keyhan Kalhor and Keyhān Kalhor) (born 24 November, 1963 in Kermanshah, Iran) is an Iranian Kamancheh player, composer and master of classical Kurdish and Iranian traditional music. lmlsm Mohammad-Reza Shajarian; (born 23 September 1940) is an internationally and critically acclaimed Persian classical singer, composer and Ostad (master) of Persian music. He has been called ...

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