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10 antidepressant foods

1- Honey: Honey makes a suitable effect on the brain. Honey counters the low feelings of depression because of natural sugars contained in it. These sugars provide instant energy and stimulation to the brain and body thus shaking off this aspect of depression.

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The least stressful jobs in the world

A list of these jobs has been introduced, and the thresholds for each of them are ranked from 0 to 100, which represents the lowest level of stress. Perhaps seeing these jobs inspires a low-stress job selection for the future

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11 easy ways to fight stress

easy ways to fight stress Being overly stressed out is bad for you. How bad? Well, really bad. Like, shave-years-off-your-life bad, cruelly-aging-you-inside-and-out bad. And yes, our collective stress is only getting worse. An American Psychological Association survey found that one out of five Americans reported feeling “extremely” stressed out.

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