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Lady Gaga addresses rumours of romance with Bradley Cooper

آیا لیدی گاگا و بردلی کوپر با هم ازدواج می کنند؟ پس از جدایی لیدی گاگا ستاره پاپ از نامزدش، طرفداران فیلم “ستاره‌ای متولد شده‌است”  با پیش بینی هایشان درباره ازدواج لیدی گاگا با بردلی کوپر کولاک کردند. آن‌ها بر این باورند که لیدی گاگا و بردلی کوپر به زودی با هم ازدواج خواهند کرد Lady Gaga is setting the record ...

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The Funny “Who wore it better?” Challenge

Who wore their pants better, Justin Bieber or a baby? Who looks better in black and white, Kim Kardashian or a killer whale? Can Kendall Jenner’s style really compete with a shredded car seat? We really can’t decide, so it looks like it’s over to you to tell us just who exactly wore it better.

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The Best and Worst Sheer Moments in the History of Celebrity Fashion

    Marilyn Monroe was probably the first and most daring of them all. Singing ‘Happy Birthday Mr. President’ to John F. Kennedy’s party in New York wearing a sheer dress about 50 years ago is the opposite of ‘a piece of cake’. And that’s probably the reason naked dresses didn’t become a regular thing in public events until now. ...

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