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images of women protesting hijab in Iran

Hengameh Golestan is one of the women of Iran’s leading photographer, who has recorded a memorable moment in Iran for 28 years with his camera. He has taken many photos of women and children, family life, wedding celebrations and everyday life in Iran.

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Hijabs in Milan Fashion Week Show

  Gucci Accused of Appropriating Sikh Turbans, Niqabs, and Hijabs in Milan Fashion Week Show Gucci may have gotten a lot of buzz for having models carry severed heads and dragons down the runway during Milan Fashion Week, but now the brand is receiving a lot of attention for a very different reason. As Huffington Post U.K.reported, Gucci is being accused of ...

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10 famous non-Muslim women ,wearing Hijab

Beautiful Angelina Jolie is American actress, film director and author. She is one of most well reputed and talented celebrities of Hollywood. She is owner of lots of desired wards. This prestigious personality is promoted humanitarian causes and works with refugees as Goodwill ambassador for the United Nation High Commissioner for Refugees. She is also considered as one of world’s ...

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