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What to do and not to do while travelling to other countries

Don’t unwrap flowers before you give them as a gift: “Germans do this.” Don’t ask people about church: “Most attend none, and asking this is seen as intrusive, rude and downright weird.” Don’t expect special treatment: “People are very informal here and being on a first-name-basis with anyone short of the King is the norm.

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The Most Hated Football Players

Sergio Busquets – FC Barcelona Ricardo Bernard once referred to Sergio Busquets as “The Loveable Cheater” in a piece for the Grantland website. “Loveable” is a term of endearment not everybody would use to describe the Barcelona man. Busquets has a long history of throwing himself to the ground and faking injuries in attempts to win red cards against opponents, ...

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Some awesome bird’s eye view photos of cities around the world

While you can travel the world and see a myriad of spectacular sights, it can sometimes prove challenging to view a place from anywhere but on the ground. Yet, by viewing locations from above, familiar scenes you’ve seen countless times in photographs (or in person) can be put in a brand new light. 1. Barcelona, Spain   Barcelona is the ...

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