world top 10 coldest capital cities

Varsaw ,poland -29one not to miss, and the setting for the yearly Christmas Markets. Visit the castle, stroll around the old town main square and stop for a lovely lunch, tea (with lemon and sugar :)) or a nice mulled beer (or cool zywiec in the Summer!).

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The Ambiance of Famous Pol-e Tajrish

All the photos are taken by a Canadian tourist, he started his trip from Tehran visiting most of the famous and ancient parts of the capital. He also tried most of the restaurants for the delicious Iranian food.

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Chinese Professor Fights VS Students in China

Chinese Professor Forces Students To Slap Each Other For Being Late As a Professor, you can bet that one of the most annoying things in the world is students showing up late to your lecture. It’s disrespectful, it slows the flow of my talk, and it distracts the rest of the students who showed up on time. So it really ...

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