Top Upscales Luxury Expensive Restaurants in the World

Gordon Ramsay London London Cost: $300/person If you only know Gordon Ramsay for yelling at knucklehead wannabes on TV reality shows, prepare to be dazzled by his namesake flagship London restaurant. One of the restaurant’s most exclusive experiences is the Inspiration Table, where the chef creates the dishes right at the table in order to better help diners “understand the art and science of creating exquisite dishes and the ingredients used.”

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Worlds Most Expensive Ingredients

SAFFRON Pound for pound, saffron is more expensive than gold, mainly because the harvesting process is so labor-intensive. Saffron is the dried stamen of the crocus plant: Each crocus produces just three stamens, and each of these must be hand-picked and air-dried. It takes about a football field’s worth of flowers to produce one pound of dry saffron, and about 40 hours ...

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The Biggest Underground City in the World is in Persia

The Underground City of Ouyi The underground city of Ouyi (Noushabad) in the northern Kashan – Isfahan province of Iran – is considered one of the masterpieces of ancient architecture. The biggest underground city in the world built 1500 years ago at the time of Sassanian Empire.

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