If it wasn’t for Hedy Lamarr, we wouldn’t have Wi-Fi

 Hedy Lamarr. Not only did the Vienna-born actor flee a loveless marriage to a Nazi arms dealer to secure a seven-year, $3,000-a-week contract with MGM, and become (probably) the first Hollywood star to simulate a female orgasm on screen– she also took time out to invent a device that would eventually revolutionize mobile communications.

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Host cities for the world’s best universities

University of California, Berkeley (=10th)- Home to the free-speech and disability-rights movements, Berkeley is a US hot spot for intellectual conversation, according to Lonely Planet, and is “one of the most vocal activist populations in the country.”

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RoboChef Restaurant

Diners at the RoboChef restaurant in north Tehran’s Sadat Abad neighbourhood have been served by robots.The restaurant’s owner Hussein Zibadel explained that their goal was to “get people more familiar with modern technology, for them not just to watch it on television., “SOT, Mehrdad Ahmadi, customer (Farsi): “This idea is very new and amazing. From my point of view, our ...

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