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Child Stars Grew Up

Alexa Vega We all remember Alexa Vega as Carmen Cortez from Spy Kids, but it has been fifteen years to the first part of that movie, and in all these 15 years she has transformed from a cute little girl to a beautiful young woman. Alexa has been successful in her career ever since she was a child, she has done many different ...

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Dudeoir Photoshoot of Joshua Varozza

 Two small town country America loving friends set out to make America laugh again .. And by surprise we got laughs and a shoot that went global ! Featuring Josh Varozza of Joshua Varozza Bail Bonds, as captured by Tami Bears of Artistic Photography by Tami.

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Fire therapy

“Fire therapy is the fourth revolution in human history… it surpasses both Chinese and Western medicine,” said Zhang Fenghao, who trains students at a dingy apartment in Beijing and charges around 300 yuan ($48) per hour for treatment.

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