Most Expensive Film in Iran’s History

The most expensive film in Iran’s history is about the childhood of the prophet Muhammad. The most expensive Iranian movie of all time directed by Iranian filmmaker Majid Majidi screened at Iran’s cinemas on August 26.

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A Vertically Extendable Residence in Iran

Developed with the prospect of expansion, ‘afsharian’s house’ in kermanshah, Iran by tehran-based ReNa design studio caters to the client’s prospective plans of providing their children with a separate unit within the same building in the future. The resulting architectural approach enables the building to be easily extended vertically, following the same floor-plan where additional floors can be constructed.

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9 Murals that Paint a very different picture of life inside Iran

It takes a great artist to change a largely skewed view of what most perceive to be what Iranian’s think and feel. Social and economic oppression tend to be what first come to mind, Mehdi Ghadyanloo‘s street art uses a decidedly different approach when presenting Iran’s narrative. Tehran’s architecture has hints of Persian design, interspersed with modern urban apartments. You ...

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