9 Murals that Paint a very different picture of life inside Iran

It takes a great artist to change a largely skewed view of what most perceive to be what Iranian’s think and feel. Social and economic oppression tend to be what first come to mind, Mehdi Ghadyanloo‘s street art uses a decidedly different approach when presenting Iran’s narrative. Tehran’s architecture has hints of Persian design, interspersed with modern urban apartments. You ...

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Mirror Installations on Deserts and Pathways in Iran

It is the ultimate mirage in the desert. At first glance, the mirrored circles, partially covered in the golden sand, appear to be small ponds. Only after a moment do we realize that it is actually the sky, reflected across the dunes One of the first uses of mirrors in architecture was in Persepolis, Persia at the Tachara Palace. Glossy ...

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Andy Warhol’s trip to Iran

  “Andy Warhol is famous for his pop art work, especially his painting of 32 Campbell’s Soup cans. Few remember he once painted the queen of Iran. “ He went to Iran in 1976, when it was led by the Shah, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi. Three years later, the Shah would be overthrown in the Iranian Revolution.Fereydoon Hoveyda, Iran’s ambassador to the ...

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