Things You Won’t Believe Are Sold On The Black Market

The prospect of illegally sold items can be traced back to many different moments throughout history, however one of the most ideal times for black marketing came around World War II. Black markets have been around for quite some time and have created such an impact upon everyone around the world in a variety of ways. Since the rationing during World War II, people have been finding ways to change the way we buy our items. And even though the term is widely known, not many people know exactly what the black market is. Most consider the black market to be the illegal sale and trade of various items. And while this may seem harmless to some, it is a very illegal ordeal. Some of the items which are sold on the black market tend to get a lot more attention than others. Such things include: human hair, sperm, and even something as abnormal as baby formula. There are a wide variety of items to choose from and even the internet has been affected by black marketing schemes. However, certain unusual items have caught the attention of the public and here, we have a list of of the most unusual items ever to be sold on the black market.