The Incredible Style Of An 83 yo Iranian Tailor in Berlin

With her project “What Ali Wore”, the young photographer Zoe Spawton decided to document the incredible style of Ali, an 83-year-old tailor who crosses her path every morning in the streets of Berlin. With outfits and clothes chosen with great taste, Ali would make any fashion blogger jealous. A tender and moving series, achieved between 2012 and 2015, which testifies ...

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Celebrity teeth: before and after smile makeovers

Tom Cruise (Actor) How do celebrities get perfect teeth? Some of them are born with them, but not many!Well, once these stars hit fame, they decided it was time to give their smiles a little makeover. From whitening to straightening, veneers to braces, these ladies and gents all tweaked their teeth in order to achieve the ultimate celeb super-smile.

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Mandana Karimi

Manizhe Karimi, is an Iranian actress and model based in India. After working on several successful modelling projects around the world, she appeared as a lead actress in the Bollywood film, Bhaag Johnny.

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