9 most famous parks in the world

1- Central park of New York: Known as Central Park founded in 1857 in New York. The vegetation consists of: Black Walnut, Lebanese Cedar, Ginco, Poplar, Magnolia, Oak, Maple, Cherry, Pine, Tulipa, Azalea and … and its area is 340 hectares.

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Best free antivirus 2018

1- Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition: The Romanian Bitdefender has provided various secure tools, and it’s fair to say that Bitdefender antivirus is known as a reliable product among other anti-virus software. Compatibility with Windows, Mac, and Android with the fast search engine of the viruses, along with their accurate detection capability, as well as the high-speed performance and lightness of the antivirus ...

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Interesting facts about Switzerland

1- It does not have capital and president: The city of Bern is not the official capital of Switzerland, and the first person in the country is, in fact, the chairman of the Confederation of Switzerland, not its president. There are four official languages in this country. Swiss citizens have the right to cancel laws passed by the parliament, and there ...

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