What to do and not to do while travelling to other countries

Don't disrespect religion: "Almost everyone you meet is religious; religion here is always in fashion, so if someone asks you if you are religious, don't take offense because it is common for everyone to follow a religion, and around 80% of the population are Christians." Don't be impatient: "Hardly anything runs on time, with an exception of a couple of business meetings and bank closing hours and most other businesses. Everything runs late, don't get pissed off or impatient, learn to go with the flow, things will happen, just not on time." Don't call someone by their first name: "Miss, Mrs, Mr., Dr. and Engineer so and so (mostly the surname) are totally accepted. If you want to call someone whose name you don't know, refer to them as madam or sir. You get quite a lot of bonus points for that. Only refer to someone by their first name if they introduce themselves as such."