Top 10 Most Expensive “Customized” Mobile Phones


Supreme Goldstriker iPhone 3G – $3.2 million 

What would you do with $3.2 million? You would probably pay off all your credit card debts, buy a new car, move to a better home, buy a new phone, and still have some change left over to last you a few months without having to work. However, when you get the opportunity to hold the Supreme Goldstriker iPhone 3G, you might just entertain the thought of buying it instead. This phone unlike many others on this list is one of the most beautiful phones out there, not to mention that it is coated with 22 K solid gold, 136 diamonds, and it has a navigation button made up of a 7.1 carat diamond. You will not find this phone on any shelf because the limited edition piece is already sold.