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The most powerful women in politics

 He has the most power in the UK: he leads the political party of the majority, publicly leads the majority in the British House of Commons, and is at the same time the head of the government (executive branch). He is also the chairman of both the executive and the legislature. The prime minister, in the House of Commons, seeks ...

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9 Reasons Why It’s Better To Be A Woman!

Higher Pain Thresholds Women give birth and there are very few events in life that rival that level of pain. Women naturally have a higher pain tolerance just for this reason. From the dentist to stubbing a toe, women can handle it better.  Because women have higher pain thresholds they can better use traditional meditation and different methods of physical ...

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When the ladies are behind the camera lens!

She is a self taught photographer with a multi disciplined creative background. she is  originally trained in video production and found photography along the way.  enjoys the creative process behind the shoot from the initial concept to the art direction. Hugely passionate about film she has interested in story telling, light and color.  her photographic experience is quite broad, having ...

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