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The Shah’s Diplomatic Relations And Travels With European Countries

  In 1961, the Francophile Mohammad Reza visited Paris to meet his favourite leader, General Charles de Gaulle of France. Mohammad Reza saw height as the measure of a man and a woman (the Shah had a marked preference for tall women) and the 6’5″ de Gaulle was his most admired leader. Mohammad Reza loved to be compared to his ...

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Unseen Photos Of The Iran’s Royal Family (PART 3)

By the time Mohammad Reza turned 11, his father deferred to the recommendation of Abdolhossein Teymourtash, the Minister of Court, to dispatch his son to Institut Le Rosey, a Swiss boarding school, for further studies. Mohammad Reza left Iran for Switzerland on 7 September 1931. On his first day as a student at Le Rosey in September 1931, the Crown ...

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