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Some facts about Melania Trump

With Donald Trump’s victory on Election Day, Slovenia-born Melania Trump moves into line to be the second-ever First Lady of the United States to be born outside of the United States. London-born Louisa Adams, wife of sixth U.S. president John Quincy Adams, was the first.

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This is what the president Trump eats

Yes, fast food is on the menu. Get used to it, because there’s a lot on this list. It’s probably no huge shock to find that the unctuous darling of the corporate world is a big fan of the food world’s corporate darlings. Yes, Trump is a McDonald’s fan.

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Donald Trump’s Book in Iran

Think Like A Champion Over the years, Donald Trump has written many bestselling books, but has also written shorter essays which encompass his over-arching philosophy about how to live one’s life, both personally and professionally.

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