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8 Places Around the World Where Taking Photos Is Against the Law

The Red Light District in Amsterdam is famous for its brothels, picturesque canals, and coffee shops. In this part of the city, the local proprietors hate it when tourists take photos of the prostitutes standing in the windows. If you venture to this place carrying a camera, at best, someone might wrench it away. At worst, you risk being beaten up.

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Tokyo Compression

Tokyo is world-famous for its urban density, so it’s no surprise that the legendarily packed city subways would capture photographer Michael Wolf’s imagination.

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Jewelry Advertisement For a Shop in Islamic Rep. of Iran

The key factor to have a successful business in a country is marketing and advertising your products or services effectively. However, all businesses have a legal responsibility to ensure that any advertising claims are truthful, not deceptive and that your marketing activities don’t break the law.

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