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10 Things No Woman Should Ever Wear to Work

CUTESY ANIMAL PATTERNS A little bit of leopard print can go a long way. But head-to-toe animalistic vibes are no good. Neither are those cutesy prints of #PugLife or the #GangstaKitty. While they may make everyone chuckle, that’s not exactly what your work wardrobe is supposed to provide. Stick to one accessory—think a blouse, scarf, or shoe—with a furry-friend pattern, ...

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Power of Makeup , Before and After

Dramatic before-and-after photos that show makeup’s power If you have ever doubted the power of makeup, these amazing transformations might just be the key to fully convince you.

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Common Iranian Girls with Their 170,000 $ Make-up Tools per month

Currently, Iranians are annually spending about $2 million on toiletries and follow Saudi Arabia as the biggest consumer of toiletries in the Middle East. A significant proportion of the toiletries is imported into Iran through illegal ways. Using toiletries in Iran usually starts at the age of 14. Nina Fatan, 30, Painting graduate. She took her mother’s makeup when she ...

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