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Iranian actors with the makeup of political figures

Among the figures that shone in political roles, Jafar Dehghan can be featured in the Shaman-e Shah series with the role and grim Reza Shah. Ja’far Dehqan was shining in the role of Reza Shah in the series of the ancient land and the mystery of the Shah, which he believes is one of the most similar to Reza Shah.

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Creative Makeup by Abdullah Eskandari

Abdullah Eskandari is a make-up artist who teaches and designs make-up. He has worked in the capacity of make-up artist in over 170 feature films, over 20 historical TV series and a number of theater and opera performances. Eskandari has also designed and performed make-up in France, Germany, Yugoslavia, Syria, Jordan, Morocco, The Emirates and Malaysia.

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10 Things No Woman Should Ever Wear to Work

CUTESY ANIMAL PATTERNS A little bit of leopard print can go a long way. But head-to-toe animalistic vibes are no good. Neither are those cutesy prints of #PugLife or the #GangstaKitty. While they may make everyone chuckle, that’s not exactly what your work wardrobe is supposed to provide. Stick to one accessory—think a blouse, scarf, or shoe—with a furry-friend pattern, ...

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