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The Funny “Who wore it better?” Challenge

Who wore their pants better, Justin Bieber or a baby? Who looks better in black and white, Kim Kardashian or a killer whale? Can Kendall Jenner’s style really compete with a shredded car seat? We really can’t decide, so it looks like it’s over to you to tell us just who exactly wore it better.

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5 Most Shockingly Expensive Weddings of All Time

5. Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries – $10 Million Kardashian married Humphries in 2011 in an over the top ceremony that every major magazine and entertainment outlet wanted to cover. The ceremony cost an estimated $10 million, but  the couple didn’t pay for much of the bill since E! News covered most of the bill in an agreement that they had ...

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Got Plastic Surgery To Look Like A Celebrity!

Kim Kardashian: Jordan James Parke Kim K(photos of celebs featured on left) has many adoring fans, but only one who has gone to such extreme lengths as Jordan James Parke. After undergoing countless surgeries to have a striking resemblance to his idol, Parke has spent a sickening $150,000 on procedures

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