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interesting inventions in Japan

When it comes to inventions that no one needs, there are a lot of things in the world, some of these inventions are unique to the culture that they serve. Some inventions are exclusively American and some are German, European or even Canadian.

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  ull disclosure: there’s really no substitute for Google Maps when it comes to making your way around an unfamiliar city, or even your own hometown. However, if you’re looking for a low-tech alternative that doesn’t require a data plan, won’t be stolen, and looks like a cross between a hard boiled egg and a stress ball, a Hungarian designer named Denes ...

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Inventor Creates High Voltage Ejector Bed

Colin Furze, the mad engineer who created a brilliant set of retractable working Wolverine claws, has come up with a new invention that is equal parts brilliant and insane. When it’s time to wake up, his High Voltage Ejector Bed won’t take no (or “5 more minutes”) for an answer – it will literally throw you out of bed to ...

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