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Qamarolmoluk; The Legendary Woman of Iranian Singing

Qamar-ol-Moluk Vaziri (1905 – 5 August 1959), born Qamar Khanum Seyed Hosayn Khan, commonly known as “Qamar” was a celebrated Iranian singer, who was also the first woman of her time to sing in public in Iran without wearing a veil.She is known as “the Queen of Persian music”.

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Addiction; A True Story of an Iranian Artist

Parastoo Salehi is a famous Iranian actress. After being interrogated twice for her social media publications, Iranian actress Parastoo Salehi says that Iranian security forces are barring her from making public appearances.

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The most spectacular figures of Iran in 1397

23 asha Sobhani, born in Tehran in 1988, and son of Ahmad Sobhani, former Iranian ambassador to Venezuela. He has been living abroad for several years, with luxury and party trips and special occasions with the presence of diverse girls and destinations in Europe and Asia’s Lacchiste destinations, which are at the center of media attention and public opinion in ...

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