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Iranian Show mans

Imagining the sound and entertainment for the people may not be yours, but it’s a job, and not only in Iran, but in the whole world, the Shumans earn money by mimicking the voices of celebrities. They will perform concerts, or they will pay a few minutes to the guests for the guests, and sometimes receive some money, then continue ...

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Which celebrities do most benevolent actions?

We see the Iranian-American actress, Yara Shahidi, mostly on the star list. He is widely known for his role in Grown-ish in the 2018 film, despite his very young age, as a member of social justice and popular support groups. Surely one of the reasons for the popularity of this star is his humanitarian character.

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Celebrity Wives in the past and Now

After 25 years of marriage and against all Hollywood odds, Warren Beatty and Annette Bening are still going strong. The couple share four children and are still hitting the red carpets looking more beautiful and happier than ever. One of their children, Stephen, is a transgender and a very honest activist for the community. Stephen, who was once Kathlyn before ...

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