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The Best of the Best of Brazilian Female Fashion Models

It is no secret that many Brazilian girls haven taken the fashion world by storm, establishing themselves as true queens of the runway.So it’s small wonder that one of them, Giselle Bundchen, played the starring role in the opening ceremony of the 2016 Summer Olympic Games.

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Pools with the Best Views In The World

Pools with the Best Views What’s better than a deliciously cool swimming pool on a hot day? A deliciously cool pool, with sparkling, clear water and gorgeous views. Even if you can afford a backyard pool, it probably won’t have a view like this — but there’s still plenty of fodder her for your Pinterest board, and your wildest dreams. ...

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some Reasons You Must Visit Brazil

If your idea of fun includes meeting beautiful people and having a bit of an adventure then Brazil might just be the place for you to visit.   1. The Beaches   There is a reason most people think of beaches when they think of Brazil and that’s because there are 1,500 different beaches along Brazil’s massive coastline. Porto de Galinhas ...

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