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Which parts of the body should never be touched?

There are about 34 to 72 bacteria in the mouth of an adult. Most of these bacteria are not harmful, and some are even beneficial to the health of the mouth, but the insertion of germs on the hands (and the handle in the faucet, the stairs, the microwave buttons, etc.) is balanced in Rinse your mouth and put you ...

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10 Interesting Things That Are Seen as HOT in Various Countries

n Western countries, a straight line of even teeth is considered the definition of the perfect smile, and many can’t imagine that people might think otherwise. But in Japan, things are the other way around: the peak of attractiveness is the so-called “yaeba,” or crooked teeth. It’s believed that people look cuter if they have this quality. It’s for this reason that dentists in Japan are in high demand — from both young ...

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