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10 Famous People Who Were Once Homeless

When CNBC’s Jim Cramer was younger, a thief broke into his apartment and stole everything. Cramer had nothing left and with no place to stay, he was living out of his car. Cramer eventually saved enough money to get a new place. From there he launched a career as a hedge fund manager and a television host.

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Hidden Symbols That Can Be Found in Famous Logos

In the run-up to the Mexican All Saints Day (aka the Day of the Dead), Pepsi once released bottles with an inverted logo. Most customers thought that it was a simple production defect, but some of the particularly savvy shoppers realized that, when inverted, the Pepsi logo read isded,which was very similar to the words ”is dead”!

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$3000 gold Vladimir Putin Apple Watch

CNN reported that a gold-coated Apple Watch featuring the signature of three-term Russia President Vladimir Putin has arrived on the market, and could be yours for just over $3000. The Russophilic smartwatch, produced by a Russian-Italian jewellery brand called Caviar Perna Penna, costs 197,000 rubles ($3,073) and also depicts the Moscow skyline and the double-headed eagle of Russia’s coat of ...

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