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Maria Ben-Shams

 Maria Ben-Shams Like Page 44K likes  Name: Maria (Violet) Ben-Shams, Birth Date: May 05, 1985 (اردیبهشت 1364‎ 15) ,Birth Place: Shiraz,Iran Profession: Model , Event Manager , Music , Photographers , Fashion Coreographer , Stylist, Designer ,Current City: Oslo, Norway . Marisa says :I am an adventurer, a seeker, an artist, and I love to express the free spirit that I am. I'm an independent business owner and I have a bachelors degree in creativity, innovation & business development and I'm a certified KaosPilot. I have many years of experience as an event organizer, business coach, stylist, model and I have also worked in the health care system caring for kids and adults with special needs for many years. Every day I find myself involved in different projects and I love doing anything that gives me the chance to be within my creative self.