Actors Who Actually Won Razzies And Oscars

Sylvester Stallone

Oscar Nomination: Less than 20 years after the fifth and last installment of the Rocky series, Sylvester Stallone reprised his role as the iconic boxer Rocky Balboa in Creed. Instead of beating other boxers in the ring, Rocky instead came back to coach the son of one of his notable foes, Apollo Creed. Stallone received a nomination for best supporting actor, but failed to walk away with the golden statuette that night.

Razzie Nomination: When it came to being recognized for his worst work, it wasn't Stallone's first time at the Razzie rodeo. Even before 2016, Stallone had garnered more than 20 Razzie noms and had won a handful of the golden trophies. But in 2016, Stallone received the Razzie Redeemer Award.