Actors Who Actually Won Razzies And Oscars


When Sandra Bullock was nominated for multiple Razzies for her performance in All About Steve, she promised that she would collect her Worst Actress and Worst Screen Couple awards in person if she won.

Bullock was true to her word and gave everyone in the audience at the 2010 Razzie Awards All About Steve on DVD, saying they clearly hadn't watched the movie as it was about a stalker and "that doesn't really set up the premise for a loving couple."

Though the award was aimed at acting duos and not romantic couples, the Razzies may have decided Bullock had a point. Two years later, the Worst Screen Couple award was renamed Worst Screen Combo.

Bullock won the Best Actress Oscar for her performance in The Blind Side the next day, making her one of the few people to win both an Oscar and a Razzie in the same weekend!