Shocking Facts About Hollywood Celebrities

Emilia Clark worked six times to pay for her house permit before playing the throne series

When Emilia Clark's casting agency contacted her (casting her as an actor and suggesting her to film directors or studios), Emilia had just graduated from theater school and had six jobs at a time to pay for her home rent. The call was about the Game of Thrones TV series cast test. Emilia did all she could to do the test and was exactly what she should have been.

Clark did a great job in his acting role for Dennis and his work was favored by Crown Players David Bennoff and Dan Weiss, but they also had to satisfy his HBO boss. That's why when Emilia came in for the second test, only Bennoff and Weiss had a smile, not the boss.

"Emilia asked if there was anything she could do to change the atmosphere, and Weiss asked her if she could dance," Weiss said. Emilia started dancing like a robot without any mistake. He did it with commitment and very well. Even the head of the network had no choice but to smile.