History’s Most Famous Suicides, From Artists To Politicians

Famous Suicides: Robin Williams

His is not just one of the most famous suicides, but also one of the most baffling.
The death of comedian Robin Williams shocked the world in 2014. Known for his infectiously funny and good-natured personality, the loss of Williams left a lasting impact on Hollywood.
Unfortunately, throughout his life, Williams also battled drug and alcohol addiction as well as severe depression.
In 2014, after a particularly rough period of time both personally and professionally, Williams was found dead in his California home on Aug. 11. In a statement released by his publicist on the day of his death, she revealed that Williams had “been battling severe depression of late.”
A press release issued the day after his death revealed that he had died from “asphyxia due to hanging.” There was also a pocket knife discovered at the scene and several cuts were made on his left wrist.