Best Dizi Restaurant in Tehran ( Abgoosht Saraa)

Dizi is one of the most traditional Iranian foods. It is usually made with lamb, chickpeas, white beans, onion, potatoes, tomatoes, dried lime and turmeric. The ingredients are combined together and cooked until done, at which point the dish is strained. The solids are then mashed and served with the broth along with flatbread. This restaurant located on Iranshahr shomali, Mousa ...

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The World’s 6 Best First Class Airline Products

Emirates First Class A380 There are 14 first class suites at the front of the upper deck, and they’re not that spacious. showering on a plane is sort of the coolest thing ever. Like, really. Even though I’ve done it about a dozen times now, I still giggle every time I shower miles above the earth’s surface.I guess what it comes down ...

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