Top 10 designs inspired by ancient architecture

Founded in 1834, Harrods is the most famous, popular and important department stores in the entire Europe. It is known for its luxurious boutiques and goods, famous customers and impeccable interiors. The Egyptian Hall recreates the pyramids, Sphinx, hieroglyphs and columns. Here you can byu Egyptian-style clothing.

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10 great places to watch the stars rain

The park, highly regarded by the stargazers, provides a striking glimpse to the nucleus of the Milky Way. The observations are made from the top of the 701 m (2300 ft) high mountain, where a 360° panoramic views, free from light pollution or electrical lines, open.

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10 remarkable cemeteries around the world

This is one of the most unusual cemeteries around. It is known for the colorful tombstones with paintings on them. It looks like a cartoon version of a cemetery. Actually those pictures recreate scenes from people’s, who are buried there, lives.

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