Stephen Hawking dies aged 76

  Stephen Hawking is one of the most prestigious and famous figures in the world of science. The cosmologist, theoretical physicist, writer, lecturer and public figure is a major player in the world of science, space travel, quantum mechanics, and has always been very outspoken about his political views and his views on the world and climate change. But what ...

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The dominance of Iranian experts in American IT fields

With 19+ years of tech product leadership experience, Mike Jazayeri is a Senior Director of Product Management at Google currently on the leadership team for Google’s Virtual Reality efforts (Daydream etc). He’s been with the company since 2005 in product leadership roles with a variety of efforts including Google Talk/Chat, Chrome OS, Google Cloud Print, WebM and subscriptions. Mike co-led ...

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Inventions That Will Soon Change the World

Vue is the smart glasses that are stylish and discreet. Vue frames come with integrated technology, meaning your glasses will be able to do more than what meets the eye. The features include wireless bone conduction audio, hands-free calls, activity tracking, “find my glasses” in case you lose your specs, notification forwarding, and much more. And Vue ships with your ...

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