Best colleges for free membership

Curtis Institute of Music is a highly respected institution that offers education and training to exceptional young musicians. Showing their dedication to music, Curtis usually offers a full scholarship to students accepted. There is no age limit to joining Curtis, but applicants are invited to personally audition, and are accepted based solely on merit. Home to 175 students, Curtis Institute offers ...

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The inventions that were supposed to transform the world

 Henry Ford predicted in the 1940s that there would be a mass market for bird cars, but never did that and all attempts to invent a suitable model failed. Initial models such as Iroquois and new inventions like the I-Tec Maverick never came to a place. But Ford’s prediction may be different in the not-so-distant future. Several car makers are ...

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Get familiar with keyboard shortcuts

Voters of Windows users: We all know that the Ctrl + Z role in Windows is one or more steps backward, but did you know that the shortcut keys are the opposite of this? With Ctrl + Y, we can go one or more steps forward. For Mac users: Command + Shift + Z

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