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Most Expensive Cheeses and their Wine Pairing

10. Winnimere ($30/450g) – Pinot Noir The Winnimere cheese is a very tasty cheese that won the best of all at the American cheese Society conference in 2013. Winnimere’s taste is quite different and goes well with smoked meats. The price of this cheese is about $30 per pound which is affordable.

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Photos of Before & After ISIS

Temple of BEL – Syria Also known as the Temple of Baal, was an ancient temple located in Palmyra,Syria. The temple, consecrated to the Mesopotamian god Bel, worshipped at Palmyra in triad with the lunar god Aglibol and the sun god Yarhibol, formed the center of religious life in Palmyra and was dedicated in 32 AD.

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Donald Trump’s Spouses

First Wife : Ivana Trump  (1977-1992) Ivana Marie Trump (; February 20, 1949) is a Czech-Americansocialite and former fashion model, known for her marriage to American business magnate, Donald Trump.It was in New York that Ivana met Donald Trump, son of prominent real estate developer Fred Trump. On April 7, 1977, she married Donald in a lavish society wedding. Donald ...

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