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Karusta Prison Hotel, where you are beaten!!

Originally intended as an infirmary, for most of the 20th century Karosta Prison was actually used as a Nazi and Soviet military prison, in which hundreds of Latvian deserters were housed, sent to solitary confinement, or simply shot dead.

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Brad Pitt ‘s new Date!

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie parted ways back in 2016 and have since been working on finalizing their divorce. Now that “Brangelina” — they used to be one of Hollywood’s hottest couples — is long gone, fans and news outlets alike are constantly trying to figure out who Pitt and Jolie could be dating next.

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All the women should try these alone!

Like the kind where you’re actively sweating, you realize you’ll be sore for at least a day after, and there’s an unbelievable summit at the top that will make it all worth it. Just be sure to be safe by going during the daylight with a fully charged phone, sticking to established trails, taking more food and water than you think you’ll ...

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