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Interesting facts about Green-eyes people

Eye Pigmentation: The coloring of a person’s eyes, especially when abnormal or distinctive. Iris: This is the part that surrounds the pupil and contains the color. The iris controls the dilation and constriction of the pupils. If you shine a light into someone’s eye, his or her iris will contract. This reduces the size of the pupil. This function of the iris ...

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The lies that experts say to you

Can you really reach your desired weight in a limited period of 21 days or a month and burn the fat that has accumulated in your stomach over the years? In fact, sports coaches usually want to encourage you to start exercising, but just when you do not achieve your goal after a short while, you are prompted to continue ...

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The Gray-Hair Revolution Has Begun

The women choosing to love their natural grey hair These women have all ditched the dye and look simply stunning, and their stories only inspire more to have the courage to do the same, if they so choose. When Martha Truslow Smith, a graphic designer from North Carolina, decided to “go gray” at just 24 years old and chronicle her ...

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