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plants that repel unwanted insects

Repels house flies and mosquitoes. Plant basil in containers by your house doors and in outdoor areas where you like to relax or entertain. Basil is delicious in salads, in many pork and chicken recipes and with a variety of soups. Basil also improves the flavors of certain vegetables, include tomatoes, peppers and asparagus. You also can use fresh basil ...

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10 Reasons Why You Should Drink a Glass of Wine Every Day

(Though it probably won’t help you remember anything while you’re drinking it.)Resveratrol, the substance responsible for many of the benefits of red wine, has been shown to increase the number of brain connections made by wine drinkers to eventually improve memory. Just make sure your memory is good enough to recall why you should limit it to one glass — or risk the ...

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Nine exercises to boost self-confidence

1- Speak loudly and seriously: If you are a member of the group who is afraid of speaking loudly, start now. Try to speak fluently at least once in a group; this not only boosts your self-confidence but also becomes more popular among your friends.

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